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The Office of Health Education, staffed by the director and several student wellness peer educators, reflects Vassar College’s commitment to the development of the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—by following three guiding principles: education, outreach, and prevention. Students work with the director to help Vassar students make better choices for healthier living via educational programs related to various aspects of student health; through outreach aimed at facilitating connections between student health needs and services provided by the college; and by prevention through leadership, consultations, and referrals.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment for a one-on-one personalized consultation designed to fit their needs for self-improvement and knowledge of health and self-enhancement. Students are encouraged to use the resource library to learn more about wellness and health issues. The director of health education serves as an advisor, mentor, and/or resource for the peer-education and wellness-related organizations on campus.

The Office of Health Education also does “house calls.” Upon request (two weeks advance notice required) a student wellness peer educator will visit a residence hall, organization, or team to offer an interactive and fun workshop on a choice of health topics including nutrition, sexual health, exercise, stress reduction, and more. OHE also provides the campus with consistent and quality health education via the Wellness Education Learning Locations (WELLS) at several locations on campus. Throughout the year, OHE holds many events on campus including the Harvest Health Fair, SeXpo, De-Stress Daze, and others.